Mediterranean Morsels


That’s no good.

I’ve spent the last week or so, organising several years’ worth of photos for future blog posts – and everything was going swimmingly!

Then I decided I might just print out the recipes I’d already posted so I could see what was out there. You know, get an idea of the spread of topics I’ve covered.


It seems that the vast majority of actual posts have been dessert or treat related. Cookies, cakes and puddings have been flowing with alarming regularity to your inboxes.

This is not good. We are not supposed to live on sometimes foods.

I know why this happened.

  1. Treat recipes are usually short and uncomplicated, and
  2. The pictures are really quite pretty.

I mean, really. Wouldn’t you rather look at a picture of melted chocolate than a pan of half-cooked mince? Or is that just me?

Anyway, I shall attempt to remedy this. Starting with the next post.

In the meantime, are there any sorts of recipes that people would like to see more of? Give me your requests, my lovelies, and I will attempt to satisfy them!



The ever-magnificent Miss Bella

Hello my lovelies,

As I mentioned in my last note, I have been quite unwell. The change of seasons is always fraught for anyone with an autoimmune disease or two (or, in my case, six :/). The fluctuations in temperature from the daytime to the night seem to set one’s immune system on high alert and it goes off looking for things to kill.

Which means that the autoimmune diseases all get particularly active.

I have been fatigued beyond belief, in enough pain to fell a horse and swollen beyond recognition in parts. I have been spastic – a word which probably doesn’t mean what you think it means, look it up – unco-ordinated, as well as imaged, prodded and phlebotomised.

Ladies and Gents, I am a walking study in autoimmunity. Which means that I am also an expert in frustration, disbelief, stubbornness and – on occasion – swearing. In fact, I can swear fluently in three different languages and have been doing so at length.

I get rather fed up with it all.

There has been some cooking and pictures were indeed took, but I have been incapable of typing anything or using a mouse.

So I have been away from keyboard (afk).

Hopefully, things will improve from hereonin.

I am attempting to write things up, but the going will be slow as my fingers are one of those things that are puffed up.

Bear with me … I’m worth it.

In the interim, some happy cats.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Howdy do,

Today was very productive as far as the kitchen goes.

Yesterday, saw a lot accomplished elsewhere: lawns mowed, lawns fed, loads of laundry, etc. Oh and the Accidental Cat decided that I was okay and we were going to be friends after all. Naw!

Jam drops

Jam drops

Today, I harvested some silver-beet from our ‘allotment’, went out to take my first steps on our land – now the big, water-filled barriers to the development have been removed (and did a private little ‘happy dance’ in the rain) – then came home and baked biscuits and put dinner in the slow cooker, before The Boy reappeared from his travels.

So, dinner tonight was some slow-cooker Mongolian Beef that I jazzed up a bit – because that’s how I roll.

Do you remember the red basmati rice that I purchased way back here?

Red Basmati Rice.

Red Basmati Rice.

Yeah. I’d forgotten about it too until I came upon it during a small (very small)  tidying frenzy yesterday. So tonight I cooked it up with some regular basmati. Then, during that last five minutes off the heat, I put the smallest of the silver-beet leaves that I harvested today into the pot and replaced the lid. That way they wilted a little without cooking too much.

Red and White Rice and Silver-beet.

Red and White Rice and Silver-beet.

It all looked very pretty in the bowl. Then I topped it with the beef, and it tasted pretty darn good. The recipe is a keeper, I think.

Slow-cooker Mongolian Beef

Slow-cooker Mongolian Beef

So now, I’m going to sit down and write a post about those biscuits for all of you in the Land of Oz with kids on school holidays and the weather snapping cold again.

See how I think about you?


Today started with an introduction to what – I think –  could be called vertigo. I’ve never really had it before. I bent down to get my slippers and the world spun around my head. This continued any time I was actually in motion.

I should have considered this before I headed off to a new local farmers market that is being held at our showgrounds. The Jiggety Jig market looked so interesting too! I left my walking stick in the car so my hands would be free for photography and then wobbled in unaided….

That was a mistake. Every time I turned my head to look at something the world spun, every step I took the world got spinnier. I left unsteadily, vowing to return at its next iteration.

*shakes fist at sky, shouts “Coises! Foiled again!”*

Thankfully, it wasn’t a problem when I was behind the wheel. Phew.

Anyway after much dilly-dallying, which included the regular cat-claw-trimming and fish-feeding ritual, The Boy finally left for his camping trip sometime around 15:30. Ahem.

When shall we three meet again?

When shall we three meet again?

So I got to do some food prep.

I sat perfectly still and cubed one of those packages of chuck steak that I showed you all yesterday. It was then divided into zip lock bags, introduced to spices and sauces and popped into the freezer for ‘slow-cooker meals without thinking’ in the future.

Dinners of the future.

Dinners of the future.

All to the accompaniment of the Accidental Cat, who woke up from her fish coma, discovered that The Boy was gone, and started calling for him.


Kill me now. Please.

The Accidental Cat wants chicken

The Accidental Cat

I then made up some dough for pizza bases, got it portioned up and in bags for freezing.

Future pizza bases.

Future pizza bases.

I freeze it before it rises/proves. I find that, if I get it out of the freezer the day before I want to use it, it thaws and starts to rise in the refrigerator. Then all I need to do is ask The Boy to roll it out and get it in the pizza tray for me. See what I did there? Very good.

The evening was upon me by this stage so Pasta à la Sharon was made with enough leftover for dinner tomorrow too.

Pasta a la Sharon.

Pasta a la Sharon.

Tomorrow, I shall process that rather large package of bacon, hopefully bake some biscuits/cookies and get to our plot at the Community Garden.

Assuming I get any sleep tonight – which assumes that Sara, The Accidental Cat, stops calling out for The Boy anytime soon.


At least the world has stopped spinning.



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Traffic lights = antioxidants galore.

Hi everyone,

sorry I wasn’t on last night. I had my semi-annual review with my neurologist yesterday. This is an occasion which takes a lot out of me emotionally, so I came home and curled up into a small ball before the television and stayed there. Surrounded by cats.

Toasted sandwiches were had for dinner.

Today, however, I greeted the dawn mid-morning with renewed vitality and went out to shop.

We don’t really need that much at the moment, so I stocked up on baking supplies and bought a fair amount of meat – for us anyway.

H ere is the breakdown. For all my new readers *waves hello!* a gentle reminder that the prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) so, if you are in the USA, you could probably comfortably halve the amount mentioned. Okay? Moving on then…

At Aldi was bought:

Dry goods.

   Dry goods.

  • 1 x 397 g tin condensed milk              $1.69
  • 1 x 400 ml tin coconut cream             $0.89
  • 1 x 225 g olive oil spray                        $2.99
  • 1 x 800 g tin apple pie filling               $2.99
  • 1 x 500 g baking soda                           $1.79
  • 1 kg Self-raising flour                           $0.75
  • 1 kg Plain flour                                       $0.75
  • 2 kg sugar                                                $1.79
  • 2 x 1 litre UHT milk                                $1.80
  • 2x largish sweet potatoes                   $3.38

Total = $18.82

I also bought meat at Aldi

Freezer stuffers

Freezer stuffers

  • 1 kg of middle rasher bacon         $7.69
  • 1.5 kg chuck steak                         $16.41
  • 500 g kassler steaks                        $4.78

Total = $28.88

Then I toddled off to the green grocer and bought the following:

Traffic lights = antioxidants galore.

Traffic lights = antioxidants galore.

  • bok choy                                           $1.59
  • zucchini                                             $3.92
  • pumpkin                                           $3.46
  • red capsicums                                 $2.38
  • cup mushrooms                             $2.50

Total = $13.85

Then I went to Woolworths and gathered a few things there:

  • 1 litre Soy Milk                                 $2.99
  • Tartaric Acid                                     $2.75
  • wonton skins                                   $2.60
  • Beer batter chips                            $3.00

Total = $11.34

Grand total = $72.89

Which leaves me $27.11 for anything else that may occur to me during the next fortnight.

I also bought a 1.5 litre (1 quart) slow cooker at Woolies for a student friend of ours who is doing it hard at the moment. It cost $20 and, if an opportunity to give it to them doesn’t present itself sooner, it will make an excellent Christmas gift. It’s only a few months away you know!

I’d not seen Kassler steaks before – so they were the “fun” thing for this shop. They’re thick slices of ham, and no doubt I shall find a use for them.

I bought the tartaric acid for the ginger beer I’m attempting to make; apparently it’s not the same thing as Cream of Tartar, which would be why my first attempt was rather lack lustre. Sigh.

The won ton skins will enable me to restock the freezer with gyoza-like dumplings at some stage. In fact, I might use some of the remaining money to get some chicken or pork mince and do that in the next few weeks. They’re a really tasty and easy lunch dish to have to hand.

I shall dice up the chuck steak and freeze in portions; some with marinade and some without. I have a new slow-cooker recipe for teriyaki beef that I really want to try and I can see that happening relatively soon.

The bacon will be divvied up and frozen in portions.

We do not currently need any of the flour I purchased – indeed there’s no room for any of it in the storage containers!  However, I want to make 4 pizza bases worth of dough to freeze and that will use a large chunk of what is there.  We used to buy wholemeal bases from the supermarket for around $3, but recently they have gone up to $5.50!  Buying those is just not happening when they are so very easy to make. I must do a post on them…

The Boy has decided to go camping tomorrow afternoon, so I shall be cooking for one this weekend. The mushrooms are a treat for me and I shall be including them in everything I possibly can.

Hasta mañana,


Today we are having Chilli con Carne from the slow cooker, served over the refrigerator supplies of rice and freekeh.

I’ve just come to the realisation that today is Wednesday and I don’t have a shopping list prepared – which isn’t like me. However, there’s not much needed.

I think I will concentrate on fresh vegetables and possibly some good cuts of meat. I’m keen to have some more of our local butcher’s sausages. They’re expensive, but well worth it.

Today bread was made and the Accidental Cat has so far avoided biting anyone.




Chick pea tikka masala.

Howdy do.

Today was not a cooking day as our power was out for most of it while the company fixed whatever caused our issue the other night.

We’d had a week’s warning though, so I read a bit of my bookclub book in between bouts with the Accidental Cat. I ended up locking her in the study so she wouldn’t bite me and the other cats.

It’s been a trying day in many ways.

Dinner tonight has been a repeat of the vegetarian/vegan curry I made a week or so ago.

If only I ate a plant-based, whole foods diet, my health would be so much better...

I’ve had so many of the people I know say how delicious it looked, so I did it again. This time however, I made it on our little butane cooker under better lighting so I could get photos for a future recipe post.

Just for all of you lovely peeps out there. Natch.

It was served on a mix of the rice and freekeh I cooked yesterday and was lovely and filling for something that is so simple to make.

You get a lot of nosh for your dosh in this one.2015-09-15 19.11.20

Speak soon.