14 September, 2015 – Stocking the refrigerator

Freshly cooked freekeh.

Today I was a martyr to MS fatigue and achieved very little.

Although I did manage to locate my tea!

A few weeks ago, when we hit our savings target, I decided to treat myself to a haircut and a shipment of my favourite tea from Adore Tea back in Canberra. It was supposed to arrive last Tuesday. I received an email from Australia Post on Monday evening saying it had been delivered – which had me literally racing for the front door…

I was running toward disappointment – it wasn’t there. I called Auspost the following morning and they started an investigation. The tea had been delivered, but to the wrong address, someone was trying to get it back, I’d be kept informed…

But I wasn’t. In the meantime, Adore Tea sent me a complimentary 50g pack of my fave to tide me over. I called Auspost again today and was told it was at the local delivery centre – drove over there to find they had no idea where it was. Having used all my energy, I got back in the car and left the Fort Knox-like facility to get a call saying they’d found it!

So I went back. The package had been opened (SMH) but everything was there. Yay!  Got home, slept for 4 hours. Then I drank tea.

Tonight we shopped the fridge for dinner (because, see above). Basically we finished the leftovers from Saturday’s pasta bake.

Bits and bobs pasta bake

Bits and bobs pasta bake

I also mustered enough energy to cook some rice to stock up our refrigerator for quick meals. I used chicken stock instead of plain water this time, just to add a bit more flavour to future meals.

Rice steamed in chicken stock

Rice steamed in chicken stock

While that was cooking, I put some freekeh on to cook and took a few pictures so I can write all of you lovely people out there an informative and interesting post about it at some stage in the future.

Freshly cooked freekeh.

Freshly cooked freekeh.

It will also go to stock the fridge and add some wonderful wholefood, high fibre, slow carb goodness to meals during the days to come.

Now I am sitting down with a pot of Golden Mao Feng (OMG!) and a bowl of vanilla ice cream drizzled with pomegranate molasses to watch the Australian leadership spill on TV.

You simply must try this sometime.

You simply must try this sometime.

The world will be different tomorrow – come what may.

Until then, sweet dreams all.



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