5 September, 2015 –

Steamed basmati and quinoa

Last night we had a blackout that lasted for a very, very long time. The Boy was not impressed as he was in the middle of a ‘ranked’ League of Legends game when it went out.  It didn’t come back until 4 am.


The sun, however, rose as per regular programming and I zipped off to the monthly produce swap at the local Community Garden. I now have 2 dozen eggs from a friend’s backyard chooks and I shall enjoy coming up with things to cook with them.

I’ve been given oodles of lemons lately, so Lemon Butter would seem to be the most obvious first choice…

I also inspected our plot and decided a whole lot of weeding needs done – and soon. When I got home I discovered that the lettuce seeds I’d planted a few days ago in my mini-hothouse are sprouting already. Spring really is here.

Budding lettuce seedlings.

Budding lettuce seedlings.

I recently found a slow-cooker Honey Teriyaki Chicken recipe. It called for chicken breasts, but I had some tenderloins in the freezer waiting to be used. So that was dinner tonight.

Honey Teriyaki Chicken

Honey Teriyaki Chicken

It was served with mixed vegetables over a steamed mix of basmati rice and quinoa, which was quite tasty.

Steamed basmati and quinoa

Steamed basmati and quinoa

The Boy gave it the thumbs up, so I may post the recipe in the future.

Until tomorrow.


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