8 July, 2015

Howdy do. I made it through part one of my driving assessment (they were happy for me to drive home) and I have the practical on-road test next Wednesday.

Wish me luck.

I’ve started thinking about this fortnight’s shop and there’s really not much that needs to be bought! We’ve got several days worth of meals as leftovers in the refrigerator-in fact, I’m about to pop the remaining pork belly in the freezer. There’s enough vegetables and meat in the freezer to see us through yet another fortnight, and the pantry is almost fully stocked. Which is a nice place to be.

Imminent starvation is not a risk in the Budget Bounty household.

So, I’m going to get ahead with some things and pad out with others. We’re in no risk of running out of bread mix this pay period, but I think I’ll buy a sack anyway. It’s a big enough expense ($12) that I notice it when it comes up. So it will be good to get it while I don’t desperately need the money for other things.

This is my idea of heaven.

This is my idea of heaven.

I’d like to replenish my sauces as well; they can make all the difference to a dish. Pasta could use some refilling, and I’m going to my favourite stall at the local Farmer’s Market this weekend and buying big on beans and pulses.

There are so many to choose from, but I really need to restock on Navy Beans at the very minimum so that I can make my Cider Baked Beans. Our favourite lunch around here is a microwave baked potato topped with these beans and a touch of cheese. That recipe will be posted soon.

...and this looks like Christmas morning...

…and this looks like Christmas morning…

I’d also like to get a bit of meat that isn’t minced beef. I mean I’d really like that.

For tonight, I’m intending to have the rest of the chilli con carne with some corn chips and The Boy is tucking into some chicken soup that was just dropped off by a friend for my cold. (MS and soup are natural enemies. I don’t want to end up wearing my dinner.)

Then it will be an early night. Yesterday’s gardening combined with today’s outing have me yawning already.

Sleep well, All.




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