11 September, 2015 – The Death Pledge


I wasn’t on last night – there was stuff happening and I went out. Before I went I made myself a baked potato with our home-made cider baked beans.

Yes, I will put up the recipe for the baked beans soon. Well, when I get to sit down for more than a few minutes straight, that is.

I’m pleased to report that the lemon sponge was a bit of a hit, and I have been instructed to post the recipe – and soon.

Luscious Lemon Sponge.

Luscious Lemon Sponge.


I went to a linen party last night where, in my head, I furnished a yet to be built house several times over with soft stuff. Then I decided I’d better get the thing built before I filled it, or moving again would just shatter me to smithereens. I did come home with these though.



Thanks, Rachel. 🙂

The Accidental cat hasn’t attempted to eat them yet, but it’s only a matter of time…

Today, I visited a friend in hospital and took them a few small jars of Lemon Butter, because hospital food. And this evening The Boy and I checked out a new burger joint for Fry Day to celebrate something kind of momentous.

We have a mortgage.

Yes, my dears, the Linguistic Nerd within me felt the need to point out that this word means  – literally – Death Pledge. In fact, my heart has been racing so much over the last few days as we neared closer to this point, that I almost expired before it transpired.

Okay. I’ll stop now.

Little jars of sunshine to start the spring

Little jars of sunshine to start the spring.

Anyway, all this means that I’ve not cooked anything all day. This will change tomorrow. I’m rather tempted to go to the Lakeside Market and buy beans, but we really don’t need any. It’s just that the weather is gorgeous for a change and should be savoured.

Instead, I think I will probably be here. Cleaning. My home looks like a midden but slightly less organised. This has to change and I’m feeling well enough to tackle it, well, some of it.

I’m going to do a 15 mins clean in the kitchen and dining area before I go to bed so it looks a little less chaotic at breakfast tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll also get a post or two written before the photographs in my folders overflow and engulf the computer…

Night all!



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