29 July, 2015

Mac Bolognese

Hello peeps.

Back again. Yesterday was a sick day and The Boy took care of things while I doctor wrangled etc.



However, tonight the kitchen was reopened for business and we had a nice macaroni bolognese – cooked mostly in the slow cooker.

Slow cooker to the rescue again

Slow cooker to the rescue again.


Actually it was a riff on the Chilli con Carne recipe I posted the other day. I followed exactly the same process, but substituted ingredients with the aim of making an Italian-style dish.

Pork for the beef, basil pesto for the sun-dried tomato one, borlotti beans instead of kidney beans and all served over macaroni instead of rice.

It worked.

Mac Bolognese

Mac Bolognese

Want some?


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