27 July, 2015 – leftovers, FTW!

Howdy All.

I have had one of those days that are emotionally and physically exhausting, so I am relying solely on last night’s leftovers for tonight’s dinner.

This is something for which I make no apologies.

We have some rice sitting in the fridge as well, so that will make a nice accompaniment.

We had Loaded Hot Potato Chips for lunch.

I have spent a bit of time this afternoon making some chocolate biscuits.

There’s enough to keep The Boy in gratuitous carbohydrates for several weeks. This is a win.

Chocolate biscuits.

Chocolate biscuits.

Tomorrow I need to do some sewing for an upcoming occasion and I’m intending to do a riff on the Chilli con Carne recipe that I posted a few days ago.

It should prove interesting.

Speak soon.


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