23 June 2015

Bean Burrito mix

Today I made some Hidden Treasure Muffins for The Boy to take to an afternoon tea tomorrow. He hasn’t eaten all of them himself yet – but he’s working on it!

A veritable treasure trove.

A veritable treasure trove.

Dinner tonight was made by The Boy (yay!) He put together his Bean Burrito mix and we ate it with some wraps from the fridge.

Years ago, when he was at Uni in another state and not looking after himself at all, I texted him instructions for making this dish. The idea being that he would at least have one meal a week that would feed his brain. Little did I know that he simply quadrupled it and ate the same thing every night, for months!

The Boy's Beans

The Boy’s Beans

We always refer to it as his Burrito beans. It takes about 15 mins, tops, and costs $4 for two. No jokes.

I’ll post the recipe up soon. I promise. Probably in the next day or so…

In other news, today more bread was made. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this already, but we enrich ours by adding a few spoonfuls of ground, golden flaxseed to every loaf. Omega 3s donchaknow!

I also tidied up the freezer and realised there’s some things in there that really should just be used. I’ve got a collection of frozen bananas, for example. So, sometime in the next few days, I think the frozen banana, soft serve ice cream will be made (and probably eaten).


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