23 July, 2015 – Wake me when it’s over.

Howdy, All.

I guess you’re all wondering if The Boy enjoyed his portable feast last night. Well, so am I. Apparently he opted to mix up one of these instead, so FML.

This morning, I put some bread into the machine and removed the meat from the BBQ chicken I bought the other day. The carcass is now in the slow cooker being turned into stock.

I went off to my normal Thursday lunch group, only to leave in a hurry when my stomach objected strongly to the smell of the fish dish being served. A few blocks away, I became reacquainted with my breakfast.

This day has not been fun.

However, I have managed to get all the flannel sheets washed and taken to the Laundromat to be dried – because, Ballarat winter. I also managed to purchase a Christmas present for a loved one (yay, forward planning!) and get the vegetable shopping done.

Fresh stuff

Fresh stuff.

I’ve also battled through the 90th straight hour of sciatica to have a bit of a play with this big boy.

23 quart pressure canner

23 quart pressure canner

I’ve managed to make buttons pop and dials move and to not make anything explode. Which is a definite improvement on the rest of the day…

So, now, I’m going to have a sachet of plain microwave brown rice with some mixed veg and hope that I can keep it down. Wish me luck.

The plan for tomorrow is not to leave the house if I can possibly help it and spend my time ironing, writing the ‘shopping’ post and trying the whole canning lark.

Wish me luck.


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