4 July, 2015

There is a plague upon this household. I fear the Man Flu will kill us all. Including the cats.

However, we shall die well fed.

Last night The Boy took it upon himself to purchase the household a BBQ chook (American translation: Rotisserie Chicken) from the supermarket as I lay coughing upon my sick bed.

We made a quick pasta dish with it and some of the frozen vegies with which our freezer is well-stocked.

30 seconds in the sandwich press later...

30 seconds in the sandwich press later…

This evening, I made myself some chicken quesadillas and he finished the last of the mini chilli con carne cornbread cobbler thingies in the fridge.

Chilli and Cornbread pies

Chilli and Cornbread pies

Hopefully, tomorrow the worst of this viral nastiness will have passed and I will feel up to cooking something new. I have plans to make the pork dumplings that I bought the gow gee wrappers for (this fortnight’s ‘fun thing’ in the shopping).

Also, given the Antarctic-like weather that is upon us, I’d like to make my grandmother’s self-saucing chocolate pudding. The last time I tried it was incredibly rich and I thought it might be better with some orange zest added to it.

I have an orange. And a zester.

But right now I need some Vicks VapoRub and a tight pair of socks.

Hasta mañana.


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