27 June 2015

Today was a run-around-like-a-mad-thing kind of day.

I realised that I was supposed to attend a seminar on bee-keeping with The Ballarat Permaculture Guild, exactly half an hour before it was due to start – and exactly 20 minutes before I was showered and dressed, coincidentally…

I then ran off (before that had completely finished) to a friend’s party plan party to not buy anything because I want a house to put the stuff in first…*deep breath*

I had just said I was going to pop some chilli con carne in the slow cooker before I left for the party (while sitting in my dressing gown at the breakfast table) when the reminder for the bee thing popped up on all my devices. I had thought it had been cancelled due to lack of interest.

So that didn’t get done. Neither did the green grocery shopping – tomoz peeps, promise.

I had thought I’d just do the chilli on the stove when I got home, but The Boy had ducked out to meet friends and there was no need for a family meal.

So I finished the Apple Crumble for my dinner.

I regret nothing.

Bread had been made in my absence.

Tomorrow shall be slowcook-the-chilli-while-washing-all-the-linen-Sunday.

Meanwhile the bee seminar was FABULOUS! I can see a small hive being maintained at the new house – when, and if, we get one.

And now I am going to bed. For some unknown reason, I am exhausted.


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