24 June 2015

Well, today the pizza was made.

Fast food without a phone call

Fast food without a phone call.

I rolled out the pizza dough that I had in the refrigerator, spread it with some of that red capsicum pesto from the fridge door and scattered it with some grated mozzarella cheese. Then I chopped up the rest of the BBQ chicken from the freezer, the last red capsicum from the crisper was also diced and strewn and then I chopped up some black olives and added those as well.

All that took maybe 10 minutes to do while the oven heated up. The pizza was added to the oven and 20 minutes later we were eating it.

My step-father and I had it for lunch and the leftovers are to be The Boy’s dinner. I have a pub quiz tonight and my team has a food voucher to spend.

I’ve started doing my shopping for the next fortnight.

Re-restocking the larder

Re-restocking the larder

This series of posts since my last shop seems to have been quite popular …*waves hello to all my new followers both here and on Facebook.* I’m actually quite overwhelmed by the response to tell the truth.

The question is, should I continue doing them or is everyone bored silly? Would you prefer a weekly digest instead of a daily update?

Please let me know. Unless you actually tell me then I have no way of knowing what you would like to see.

So, comment here or on the Budget Bounty Facebook page. While you’re at it, tell me what else you want to read about and I’ll see what I can do.





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