18 June 2015

Dinner tonight

Today I ate far more than I needed to at a food party at my Thursday lunch group.

However, I had the sausages out for dinner so I made the planned casserole. It was quite tasty, but I think it might need a few tweaks.

Sausage and rice hot pot

Sausage and rice hot pot.

Unfortunately, the rice ‘caught’ a little on the bottom of the pan, so I think I shouldn’t be making it in a cast iron Dutch oven in the future. Also, it was a touch ‘gluggy.’ Perhaps if I were to sauté the rice before adding the liquid?

I think it would also be a good idea to add a can of chick peas to any future editions of the dish, just to add a bit of texture.

However, again we have leftovers for future nights. I’ve used almost all the jasmine rice that I bought last week, so that’s been added to the shopping list for next time.

We have a Winter Solstice Pot Luck to attend on Saturday night, and I’ve decided to take a Shepherd’s Pie. The mince has been released from the freezer and I’ve got some of my favourite tiny brown lentils soaking at the moment.

Teeny, tiny lentils! Aren't they sweet?

Teeny, tiny lentils! Aren’t they sweet?

I like to add these to meat sauces to both help them ‘stretch’ a little, and to increase the fibre content of the dish.

Tomorrow, I’ll make up the meat sauce. Then, on Saturday afternoon, I’ll cook the potatoes and assemble the dish.

I will not be cooking dinner tomorrow night. It will be a “shop the fridge” night all round.



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