16 June 2015

Today I crumbed the Chicken Tenderloins from my last grocery shop. They were on the cusp of their use-by date and needed something done with them.

So, I’ve done my standard mix of Panko and coconut, baked them and frozen three-quarters. The other two tenderloins will be dinner tonight with rice and vegetables.

Panko and Coconut coated chicken tenderloins

Panko and Coconut coated chicken tenderloins

Also, given that I had the oven going, I decided to top up the biscuit barrel.

I make a batch of biscuits (cookies) once every two weeks or so for The Boy – with most of them being stored in an airtight container in the pantry or fridge. I have a little tin that lives on the counter near the kettle and it’s usually stocked with just a few biscuits for portion control.

So, these rather scrumptious-looking and incredibly easy biscuits were whipped up while the last of the chicken was baking and went in immediately following it.

Well, that looks good...

Well, that looks good…

I’ve just sampled one and they are definitely biscuits and not cookies. They’ve got that whole crunch thing happening. I may have a bit of a play in a week or so and try making them with butter instead of oil to see what that will do the texture before I post.  So, stay tuned. In the meantime, I think some insulin may be in order! (There’s a reason the biscuits aren’t for me.)

Dinner tonight.

Dinner tonight.


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