14 June 2015

Dinner in a hurry.

Near disaster today. I put the corned beef on to cook in the slow cooker before I left for my working bee this morning.

Unfortunately, I forgot to switch it on.

So, The Boy was all set to order takeaway and fall on the budgetary sword when I got in this evening and it was as I’d left it.

Sed nil desperandum.

Remember that BBQ/rotisserie chicken meat I stowed in the freezer yesterday? Out it came to defrost in the microwave for a few minutes.

The sandwich press/panini was heated up (plugged in properly and actually switched on!), some wraps and cheese were retrieved from the fridge and I broke open that little bottle of capsicum pesto that was my “new” thing in last week’s shopping.

Spread the pesto on the wrap. Sprinkle with cheese, add the chicken and fold.

Add fillings and fold.

Add fillings and fold.

Wholegrain wrap + Capsicum pesto

Wholegrain wrap + Capsicum pesto







Then toast and cut into quarters.


30 seconds in the sandwich press later...

30 seconds in the sandwich press later…

Eh voila! Chicken Quesadillas.

Dinner in a hurry.

Dinner in a hurry.

Now, it wasn’t the sit down meal I had been planning – or looking forward to – and it probably wasn’t the most nutritious of dinners, but it did the trick. At the very minimum, it certainly had less sugar and salt than a takeaway pizza would have and I didn’t have to cook after shovelling scoria all afternoon…

Wraps have now been added to my shopping list for next time.

Until tomorrow.



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