Coming up…

Those of you who know me personally, are probably aware that The Boy and I are intending to buy/build a house in the near future.

This means that we are saving every penny where we can and that I am currently feeding us on a budget of $25 each per week.

I keep being told that this simply isn’t possible.

So, The Boy has suggested that I document this part of our journey along the lines of the $30 challenge we completed at the beginning of the life of this blog.

Some of this week's  shop...

Some of this week’s shop…

I’ll start this project in the next few days. I’ll show you what I buy in my fortnightly grocery shop – and the prices I pay – and then give a daily run down of what I’ve prepared with it.



The rules will be as they were for the $30 challenge. You can find those here.

I hope you’ll all find the account valuable and maybe even helpful.



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