Day 4 – sort of…

Unfortunately, the challenge has had to be put on hold due to ill health.

Both myself and The Boy are running high fevers and a nasty cough is threatening the structural integrity of our lungs. (And scaring both cats.)

As a result, the desire to prepare food is minimal (I must be sick!) and the thought of actually pushing any of it past our cough and sneeze-grazed soft palates is non-existent.

Thankfully, the soup from Day 3 made several litres worth and this has proven ideal sick bed nosh. I look forward to the day that I can actually smell and taste what I am placing in my mouth again though!

The Boy is supplementing his soup with regular servings of Apple Crumble – so at least I can be comforted that he is eating a balanced diet (ahem).

So, although no further cooking has happened, neither has any expenditure – except on tissues, lemsip, and various formulations of Codral, etc.

The supply of leftovers that I had intended to flourish triumphantly at the end of the challenge is also being diminished – so they’ll probably just be noted and not flourished quite so much… (goshdarnit)

However, on the bright side, this does show the value of having a supply of what we call “freezer food” for situations just like this one. Times when you can’t cook to save yourself, but when eating fast or low quality food would simply cause an extension of the period of poor health.

Behold!  We be ‘Walking the Talk’, me Hearties!

(Be gentle, I’m very ill and drowning in my own lungs….)

We’ll be back online with this again soon, I promise. In the meantime I shall do my best to post some of the recipes that have been used.

Take care.



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