Storing Celery Made Easy

Ever brought home a bunch, or even half a bunch of celery, and had it sitting around going bad because:

  1. you didn’t have room in your fridge for it, or
  2. you didn’t know what you had to do to store it in the fridge?

Ahem. Observe.

How to store celery - Part I

How to store celery – Part I


Celery in a vase

Storing celery – Part II

  1. Find yourself a jug, large glass or a vase.
  2. Cut off the base of the celery.
  3. Place it in the vase/receptacle.
  4. Fill with water.
  5. Change the water daily.

Pay particular attention to that last one. If you ever forget this (or go away for a few days unexpectedly…) and end up with a smelly, cloudy mess in your jug, fill it with a good dose of plain old white household vinegar and top up with boiling water.

Leave it to sit for an hour or so, empty and wash normally.

This also works for rhubarb.

You’re welcome.

P.S. for an added bonus. plant the bit you cut off and you’ll get a celery plant!


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