Hi, I’m a freelance editor and writer currently living in Ballarat, Australia with The Boy and two gorgeous rescue cats.

I also love to cook.

Baking, slow-cooking, making-things-from-scratch, whole foods and recipes from other countries and cultures are all things that excite me.

The availability of different ingredients nowadays lends itself to endless discovery and experimentation on the part of the home cook and yet so few care to venture outside the same old, same old.

Indeed, it is a matter of great frustration to me that so many have resigned themselves to a diet of pre-prepared processed and fast foods containing little more than sugar, salt and fat. Things (I can’t bring myself to call them meals) that taste the same each and every time they eat them, that have a texture as exciting as chewing on air and that leave their bodies nutritionally bereft and their health in danger.

We live in a time when obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and depression are on the rise, so much of these can be linked to what we eat.

Feed your body well and you feed your mind.

You don’t need a huge income to eat well. Use what you have thoughtfully and you will find that there is more than enough on your plate.

You don’t need to be a Masterchef or celebrity chef to cook well. Learn simple techniques and you will be able to apply them over and over to a myriad of ingredients with confidence and ease.

I live with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Type 1 Diabetes, so I know the challenges facing those with disabilities when it comes to healthful eating and food preparation.

I’ve been a student, I’m now retired due to invalidity and come from a low-income background. I know what it means to just make ends meet.

I also know it only limits you if you let it.

I believe food is the thing that binds us all – we all need to eat. We bond over meals, we celebrate with feasts.

Let’s celebrate food.



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